Full Website Is Up!

Hi, Readers!

My full website is up at http://www.lauraskearney.com. My book lists, schedule of events, and full bio have been moved to the main website, but I will still publish blogs from here, which will feed over into the main site. You can also sign up for newsletters or send me messages from the main site.

I am four weeks into this semester at UIS, and I have started looking for places to publish my poetry project. I am hoping to submit soon. This book has been three decades in the making and covers a variety of categories, including family, struggles, nature, and religion, with an overarching theme of reminiscing.

Work on Tribal King is coming slowly because of my heavy schoolwork load. I am still looking at October for a publishing date, unless I can get through it on spring break next month. No matter the actual date, a month before the actual publishing date, I will have a pre-order offer available.

Here is a short poetry sample from my creative writing project (written many years ago):


It is raining in my life and in my mind,

acid drops of pain insidiously eat my heart.

Nothing stops the rain from falling anymore,

Not after it has started.


Yet I must remember even though right now

It feels like injury, The rain shall fully nourish

And begin to heal my scarred and pitted heart

That one day yet shall flourish.


Thanks for reading!




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