Hey, Everyone!

This has been a busy summer for me. I signed up for Master’s courses at UIC, so this fall will be even busier! Between commuting, homework, and writing I expect to be very occupied.

I also wanted to let you know I have a NEW FANTASY NOVELLA available! I entered a publishing contest through Inkitt.com, and they have made 100 FREE E-BOOKS of The Nian Chronicles available to read. Once those copies are claimed the judges will consider my work based on how interested the readers are and how often they started or continued to read.

You can get yours HERE. This is the teaser blurb:

The Nian land is changing. When the land changes, enemies come. The Lizia have not come for ages. No one alive has ever seen one. Some no longer believe the Histories. But the signs say IT IS TIME.


Coming up on September 23rd, 2017, I will be selling books at the Princeton Library Author Fair in Princeton, IL! This fair is open from 10 am to 2 pm. If you are in the area, come out to see me! I look forward to seeing you.

I am in the process of editing the sixth and last book in the Stolen Heritage series called Argen’s Shadow. In this book, we revisit every country in the series as the new kings must band together to fight off a new threat, and an old enemy from within escapes to make a new life for himself and his family. I am excited to get to the end of the series, but this book is also the jumping off point for the second series of my three part Heritage Collection called Chosen Heritage.

All of the books for the second series were rough drafted several years ago in a flurry of writing, and I guess I know why now, as I will be too busy to write in the next few months. I will just have to settle for editing and proofing until the break between semesters and next summer.

Don’t forget to check out my Novella!

Best regards,

Laura S Kearney



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