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I can’t believe it has already been a week since I first set up my blog site! This has been a busy week for me. I am starting my last semester at UIS, so I’ve had mountains of homework already. One of my classes is actually an AST Creative Writing Project, which is like a personal internship. I will be assembling a book of poetry for publication while recording my progress with a supervisor and adviser, plus taking class seminars designed to teach business skills.

Another project I have in the works is Tribal King, the fifth book of my Stolen Heritage series. Since I’ll be working on my book of poetry Reminiscing this semester, Tribal King is slated for an October release. On schedule some time in February is an author fair at the Savanna Museum and Cultural Arts Center, but I have not heard a definite date, yet.

As promised in last week’s blog, here is a short bio on my favorite character:

The Mission was the first book I actually finished. The main character Prince Kayano Rithael was a difficult personality to develop. At his core he is a caring person, but he has a few personality bugs. As royalty, he is obviously well-educated and rigorously trained in armed and unarmed combat. Unfortunately, he’s also prideful in his accomplishments, and it shows through on occasion.

Kayano loves aishan, a form of mixed martial arts, and excels at this sport. He is tall and blond, with very dark, clear blue eyes, nearly a sapphire color. He has a weakness for sweets, especially pastries. His adventure begins at the age of eleven when the invading country of Andara deposes him as king, after which his story takes him on some unexpected twists and turns, and not always good ones.

Normally Kayano is easy-going and gets along with everyone (who isn’t trying to kill him that is!), but one person has a tendency to truly irritate him. His general’s eldest son, Zairyn Asharah, has a few pride issues himself and irritates nearly everyone, including his own father, and makes Kayano’s secret plans more difficult to accomplish; but more on him next month.

Until next time, happy reading!

Laura S. Kearney

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