Dear friends,

Plot twists in a book make for good reading, but unexpected situations in real life can ground your story to a halt. Six weeks ago after publishing Tribal King I lost my husband, best friend, and eternal companion to a fatal car accident, and I am still trying to pull myself out of the morass of shock, disbelief, and vertigo that comes when your entire life turns upside down in the blink of an eye.

Along with the grieving comes the mountain of paperwork, the funeral arrangements, and the endless (im)patient waiting for important documents to arrive just to move on in life, all the while wishing the dreaded incident didn’t happen; but I am here, I have survived, and I will eventually regain my footing as I move on.

Looking ahead, I will be attending the Freeport Writers Author Fair in November. I will post the date and time when the full details are settled. Tribal King is currently available as a Kindle book through at $4.99, or free through Kindle Unlimited. It is also available as a paperback for $12.99, and each paperback sale has the option of adding a Kindle copy for an additional .99 cents. If you come to the Author Fair, I will be selling and autographing paperbacks of all my books at discounted prices.

In addition to writing my own books, I now offer writing, tutoring, and editing services for a fee through my business website, If you have a manuscript that needs another set of eyes, or if you want a review, I am glad to assist. I will also help write a project unless it’s for a school assignment. Those you have to write on your own, but I can guide your efforts and proofread it for you.

Here’s to happier days in the future, and good reading to everyone!

Laura S Kearney

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  1. Laura
    Helen - 3 years ago

    Tutoring and editing, that’s a great idea! House of Kearney Publishing, will stand strong!

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